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Latex Mattress
Latex Mattress

Split Firmness Mattress

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Layered Natural Latex Mattress
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Split Firmness Mattress

Built from Organic Latex Layers

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Split firmness mattress components are made using 3 simple certified organic parts: organic latex, organic cotton, and organic wool. For customers leaning to the soft and medium spectrum, 100% natural USA made Talalay layers of soft and medium will be used to magnify comfort. The split half of the mattress is assembled by encasing each side of the 3 latex layers in their own internal case. This inner case, snugly holds the layers together. Then each half is inserted into the plush thick outer quilted organic cotton and wool case. The outer case holds each half of the organic latex mattress snugly together. You can have the comfort level you want on your half and your partner may have the comfort level they want. We've found this is the best way to build a split firmness mattresses. 

According to the answers you provided, our algorithm will calculate the latex layers needed to match your desired firmness for your split firmness mattress. We guarantee you will be happy with our results.

Since 2003 we have been designing and building organic latex mattresses. We began when it was difficult to source organic components. Today we only use 3 simple ingredients in our mattresses; certified organic wool, 3" layers of certified organic latex, and certified organic cotton.

Organic latex mattresses offer unparalleled natural comfort. Organic latex is one of the only natural sleeping surfaces that is economical and healthy as well as durable. Our organic latex has been filtered to remove the latex protein commonly associated with latex allergies. No other material offers the comfort and durability of an organic latex mattress. We want you to love your purchase for years. We are happy to make exceptions and work with our customers even past the 100-night trial period. Even years out, over time your, your preference for the firmness of your mattress can change and you may want to modify the firmness. The 3" thick layers we build our mattresses with allows you to change layers at anytime in the future without the cost of getting a new mattress. For just the cost of new 3" layer you can completely upgrade your split firmness latex mattress. When compared to spring mattresses, latex is considered much more conforming and evenly supportive and sleeps cooler than memory foam mattresses.


Easiest way for you to move your Organic Mattress:

These organic mattresses are very heavy to move. There is an easier way to move them: All our organic mattresses have a removable top. Unzip the casing and remove the top and unzip the inner casing. Roll up each layer of Natural Sense foam without removing it from the case. For Queen and king size, first fold layer in half before rolling. Wrap rolled layer with plastic Renolds wrap/Saran wrap/pallet wrap completely end to end to keep them clean. Do this with the other layers. Put cases into a plastic garbage bag.

Organic Mattress Care and Maintenance:

Always use an organic mattress pad beneath your sheets to protect your natural mattress from spills. Spot clean any stains on your organic mattress bed with mild soap and water. Do not wash organic casings; they may shrink or become damaged. Should your organic mattress bed become wet, remove outer and inner covers from Natural Sense foam and hang them outside in the sun to dry and freshen. Allow foam to be exposed to air but not sunlight. It is fine to get foam wet and wash with soap. It will take some days for foam in your natural mattress to dry.

Periodically, remove wool top and shake out and air out in direct sunlight.

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