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A Natural Mattress made by our outstanding staff in our solar powered factory feels wonderful, and is completely sustainable. Our natural mattress, which we call our Organic Mattress utilizes certified sustainable, natural, and organic components. Current regulations require all mattresses to use some sort of flame retardant. Chemical flame-retardants are very toxic and find their way into your body through breathing and even household dust.

The only flame retardant that we use is certified organic wool, which is a natural flame retardant that passes all federal natural mattress flammability standards. If you don’t like wool, keep in mind that we encase it in a heavy, 500-gram organic cotton covering, or you can look at our natural latex foam page for wool-free ideas.

To learn more about our natural mattresses, and for pricing, please visit our Organic Mattress page. If you want to visit one of our many retail distributors to try one of our natural mattresses, check out our store locations.

Pillow top Natural Mattress

Most mattresses and cushions are not created with “health” as one of the priorities; instead, they are created by the most cost-effective means possible. In the past most mattress padding was made with polyurethane foams, a petrochemical-based foam, without giving people another option to pick from. It was found that these same mattress foams “off-gas,” (exude chemicals) into the air to be absorbed by skin and lungs. Since people were spending one-third of their life on chemical-ridden foams, health defects were an unfortunate outcome. PBDEs, a flame retardant additive universally used in these same mattresses and cushions, was linked to disruption of nervous system development and hormone functions, on top of the correlation to breast cancer.

PBDEs were put under heavy scrutiny, which resulted in finding it not only in mattresses, but also even in household dust. Although U.S. regulations have recently put a complete stop to using this chemical, not all countries adhere to the rules. Some factories continue to use PBDEs, while others refuse to disclose the new chemicals they have used to replace them.

Since consumers are still being forced to put trust in manufacturers that knowingly and willingly put potentially harmful chemicals into their products, there have been people wondering “why not sleep on something with NO harmful chemicals rather than DIFFERENT ones?” A Natural Sense 100% natural mattress is not only the solution, but also a more sustainable one to boot.

While information here about our natural mattress is incomplete, you can find more complete natural mattress information on our organic mattress page. It will cover everything you need to know from pricing and warranty, to shipping and delivery procedures for your natural mattress.