Natural Sense Organic Mattress update

An update on our operations: 
In June 2020 we launched our new website and updated our product offering. 
We're happy to have streamlined our mattress ordering process using our proprietary algorithm to match firmness preference and body weight to corresponding layers of different density natural and organic latex. 
Fundamentally, we're organic and green as can be but realize comfort and quality of sleep rank above all and so we have designed our beds to utilize organic latex in firmer layers and 100% natural talalay for soft and medium layers.  Talalay just gives a boost to overall performance and comfort and these qualities, while more expensive, provide a more restful nights sleep. 
We're quite proud of our Dream Bed which is one of the few mattresses designed for precise comfort in the hips, lumbar, and shoulders. This bed evolved from the need of athletes with broad shoulders to have firm lower back support and a soft enough shoulder zone to allow shoulders to sink in preventing shoulder discomfort associated with a firm mattress. Women have found the firmer lumber and softer hip zones reduces hip pressure. All these improvements result in less tossing and turning and longer hours of deeper sleep. YEAH!
Have a wonderful sleep and thanks for your support!
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