Lisa, owner and a founder of Natural Sense Organic Mattresses, was disturbed by the harmful chemicals in mattresses and pillows and the toxic cycle of life involving all the raw materials involved. This motivated the creation of our line of comfortable all natural bedding products to replace them. Since 2007 we have been manufacturing, improving, and adding more products to our line of organic mattresses. Not only are our mattresses manufactured in a solar-powered facility, but we use only certified natural and organic materials. We have been serving the nation through our website and retail stores around the San Francisco Bay Area. Our goal is for you to love each purchase for years. By using the finest raw materials, we can offer the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. We employ friendly, honest, and knowledgeable mattress guides that can help you make the perfect selection.

As of Jan 1st 2011 our factory is the only registered plastic bag recycling facility in San Francisco. We recycle plastic used to package all of our products for shipping!

We are the original innovators of compression packed mattresses which reduce carbon foot print and costs associated with product delivery. Our compressed mattresses fit into most cars for easy, no cost, in store pick-ups if you prefer. This means we can reduce or even eliminate the cost of shipping and delivery fees.

Our manufacturing facility is solar powered. This is not only an investment in our business, but an investment in our future. This saves the planet 20 tons of CO2 each year.

Organic Components:
We are utilizing organic components to build our mattresses. That means our land is not being poisoned to produce the green goods we all want.

Social Responsibility:
We made sure that our latex is coming from an FSC certified sustainable farm which has social responsibility requirements as part of the certification. We only buy our raw materials from sources which offer living wages, health benefits, and have a good record of employee care.

Longevity and Disposal:
Many people buy mattresses that don't last and also fill up the landfill. Not ours. Our mattresses will last up to 25 years and then biodegrade. All our products will naturally biodegrade in the land fill. From cradle to grave we have an all natural solution!

We use a natural latex adhesive whenever customers creations may require a glue seam! Not enough for you? Please feel free to give us your input in how we can meet your desires for a greener planet.