1. Hybrid Natural Latex Mattress

Hybrid Natural Latex Mattress

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The newest addition to our Organic Mattress product line, this mattress is yet another example of the innovative thinking from Natural Sense. A combination of our Natural Latex layered atop an inner core of 6" pocketed spring coils, this mattress provides those who still require a firm innerspring coil core in their mattress, yet desire an organic product overall. The pocket coils are bonded using a heat sealing process, so no added chemical glues, and our Natural Latex is then placed atop the pocket covered coils in the configuration that our algorithm has created to best suit you, and then it is all encased in our Organic Mattress encasement. This bed provides the a classically supportive inner core, with a Natural Latex top to provide the best sleep you have had in years, at a price that anyone can sleep easy about. Enjoy the Hybrid Natural Latex Mattress by Natural Sense Organic Mattresses.