Organic Latex Mattress Beds by Natural Sense

Using the finest raw materials, our goal is for you to love each purchase for years.
Use of only certified natural and organic components guarantees the purity of our products.
If they are not certified, you really don't know what you're exposing yourself to.
Manufactured in San Pablo, CA.

Awake naturally refreshed

Organic Mattress Beds by Natural Sense specializes in organic material.

These natural mattresses are similar to latex mattresses, but what makes them organic latex mattresses is the organic encasements. Most latex mattress will have a flame barrier sewn into the case in order to pass fire code. Our Organic Latex Mattress has organic wool. This makes it a leader as a natural mattress.

Don't want a new latex mattress, but want to change the feel of your bed? Try any of our mattress toppers! We use these in our organic latex mattresses, but if you purchase it as just a mattress topper, it can fix your bed and still have all the benefits of a natural mattress.

Ask us about our Organic Bed Pillows too! One reason people choose organic latex mattresses is that latex is dust-mite resistant. Because our organic bed pillows are latex too, it means our organic latex pillow will harbor much less dust than a conventional one. The only thing left to outfit your organic latex mattress is the organic bedding. Natural mattresses will be great for chemically sensitive people, but without organic bedding, it may all be in vain. That makes natural sense your one stop shop for an organic latex mattress, some organic bedding, and maybe a couple of organic bed pillows too.

Want to find out more about our latex mattresses, organic bed pillows, mattress toppers, and organic bedding? Give us a call! Our knowledge staff has training in all the nuances of organic mattresses. They can give you an easy to follow instructions to distinguish the difference between a latex mattress, natural mattress, and an organic mattress. As for mattress toppers, our staff is specially trained to determine a mattress topper to suit your needs. Organic bed pillows and organic bedding is something that is much more self-explanatory.

Now, if you want to do a product comparison between our organic mattresses to another company's organic mattresses, the key focus points are as follows:

Does their organic mattress contain springs? How does their organic mattress pass fire-code?
How many inches of latex are used inside the organic mattress?

For a latex mattress you really need to focus on a few things:

What is the warranty of the latex mattress,
what is the method used for creating the latex in the latex mattress,
and what kind of warranty covers the latex mattress?

Some things to be wary of, include warranty on a natural mattress compared to a mattress topper:

If it is longer, why do they have little faith in the mattress topper?
Does the organic latex mattress come with organic wool?

If not, then there may be a chemical flame barrier. If you have any questions, please give us a call! We'd be glad to assist.