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We offer a range of organic bed pillows including: neck contour, latex bed pillows, shredded latex bed pillows, organic wool bed pillows, and more. Most of our organic bed pillows are covered in washable organic cotton cases. Despite being the most comfortable bed pillows, another reason that people are switching to organic bed pillows is dust mites. Dust mites cause congestion while you sleep, leading to snoring or restless sleep. The fact that wool or latex is dust-mite resistant makes them a great addition to the bedroom. All of our organic bed pillows are made to the highest standard.

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Our organic bed pillows all come with an outer organic cotton case. This means that our latex bed pillows are not only a natural product, but encased in the most natural fabric available. Our organic bed pillow cases also come over-sized. This is because we wanted you to be able to machine-wash the case, so when we created the organic bed pillow encasement, we created it just large enough to fit snuggly once it has shrunken from being machine-washed. You should still use our organic bed pillows inside a pillow case, but it is nice to have another layer of natural cotton to be able to wash, since body oils can seep through most fabrics. If you're still undecided about which organic bed pillow to purchase, then continue reading! We currently offer three types of latex bed pillows, the contour, the Talalay, and the shredded latex bed pillow. Want something soft as a cloud? Try the 100% natural Talalay latex bed pillow; they are nature's gift. Naturally dust-mite resistant material (latex) is an obvious winner when concerning organic bed pillow materials. To top it off, they are covered in organic cotton that makes your sleep as natural as possible. Maybe you are not a fan of the luxuriously soft pillow and want something with a little more substance. Then try our shredded latex bed pillows! Since these are made utilizing our very own Natural Sense latex that has been shredded, we can attest to the purity of the organic bed pillow. Because the latex is shredded and then packed into an organic cotton case, this pillow will give you the most variation. You can fluff the pillow for a softer feel, or push the pieces into a dense ball for a firmer bed pillow. Generally speaking, these bed pillows will be firmer than our Talalay. Not hard, but a bit firmer. These are ideal for people that fold their organic bed pillows for a firmer sleeping surface. Avoid the hassle and get one of our shredded latex bed pillows! Neither of these appeal to you? Afraid that the normally shaped organic bed pillows will give you neck problems? No worries! We offer a contour latex bed pillow that is molded for support. These are made to give support to the neck, and restore you bountiful sleep of the past. We offer them in two sizes, to compensate for shoulder size and personal preference. Still not convinced? Give us a call, we will be glad to give you detailed accounts of how the organic bed pillows fare.