Natural Latex Foam

Non-toxic organic rubber

All 100% natural latex comes from the sap of rubber trees. Our Natural Sense brand 100% natural latex not only comes from a natural source, but also is FSC certified.

Natural Sense latex is naturally resistant to bacteria, mildew, and mold. Since it also possesses fantastic supportive and contouring properties, it is suitable for many uses. Our high quality latex foam is extremely dense, weighing up to 6.5 pounds per cubic foot. This means that long after normal and chemical foams collapse, latex will still hold its firmness and shape. When properly encased it should last up to 25 years!

When latex is properly encased it should last decades! By properly encased we mean minimal exposure to air, sunlight, and other elements. Latex cores covered by quilted cases have proven to last 25 years. In some cases, after 8 years, exposure to elements has caused the sides/edges to begin crumbling when covered by just a simple cotton case. The point to remember is these all natural products will all gradually and completely biodegrade eventually so you don’t have to worry about filling up landfills.

Mother nature is not perfect and natural latex is no exception. Natural imperfections such as small tears, air pockets, patches, and changing surface textures are inherent in natural latex.

All Natural Sense is manufactured in standard sizes and 6" thick. You can order custom size, and shape, cut latex, or buy a whole block and pay some cutting fees to achieve the cushion that is right for you.

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Natural Latex Foam Blocks

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Block Size:
Thickness:  All blocks are around 6–6 1/4" thick
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Custom cut shapes

If you need multiple pieces of natural latex foam, it is often cheaper to order a standard size natural latex foam core (from above) and pay us to cut it down. The custom shapes quoted below have a "customizing" surchage. Standard size core thicknesses from 1" to 4" can be ordered from the mattress toppers page. We charge $10 extra, per easy-to-cut piece, when we cut down one of our standard size natural latex foam cores or mattress toppers.

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