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Natural Sense 100% Natural Latex Toppers
Our 100% natural latex toppers are created from natural tree sap, making them a heavier foam topper that is longer lasting than any other toppers. Because they are a natural product they must be encased properly to slow down the biodegrading process. It is accelerated by exposure to the elements (mostly sun and air flow). Because our Natural Sense latex is a 100% natural product, when it is manufactured, there are sometimes natural flaws, including small tears, air pockets, patches, and changing surface textures. All Natural Sense Latex toppers are warranted for 15 years from softening or forming body depressions. 100% Natural Latex Toppers

Encasing your Natural Foam Topper — Adds years to its life!
After selecting a topper, the next step is to pick a case that suits your needs. Since these foam toppers are a natural product we recommend they be encased with our organic cotton ticking to slow down the biodegrading that
gradually occurs. Encased toppers will last 10-15years. It is accelerated by exposure to the elements (mostly sun and air flow).
Both our organic and normal cotton covers are custom sewn to completely encase your topper. These are highly recommended to protect your foam from staining, tearing or degrading. The less air flow, the slower it will dry out, the longer it will last. All covers have a zipper so that they can be easily removed and cleaned.

Solid Natural Sense Latex Toppers:
Our most popular topper is the 3" models. These provide the largest change and increase of comfort. Stomach or back sleeps sometimes prefer the 2" toppers. The main guidelines for choosing your topper would be your weight and your firmness preference. Most people prefer the soft or medium toppers. The soft will give your bed a luxurious plush top, while the medium will work for someone that likes a firm bed but purchased one that is too firm for their taste. The only topper with a seam is the California King, and all the toppers are warranted for 15 years. This covers any loss in firmness or forming body impressions.

Typically, our solid latex toppers are used to soften a bed which is too hard or firm. Solid toppers come in thicknesses that vary by up to 1/4" so for example a 3" topper may vary from 2.8" to 3.2" thick. Most people choose either our soft or medium toppers. The soft toppers feel like nice, soft foam toppers. The medium toppers are reported by many customers to offer the perfect balance of comfort and support.

When selecting a foam latex topper you should consider how much "cushioning" or "improvement" you want. Our most popular foam topper is the 3" model. It provides the largest change and increase of comfort. Stomach or back sleepers sometimes prefer the 2" toppers and side sleepers may prefer the 4" toppers for the extra comfort. The main guidelines for choosing your topper depend on your weight, your firmness preference, and if you are a side or back sleeper. For example: a heavy person or a side sleeper might squish through a 3" soft topper while a 4" soft topper or stepping up to medium would be perfect. Drop by one of our retailers at the end of the day to borrow one of these latex toppers for an overnight test. Contact them first.
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Organic Cotton Cases:
Heavy Organic Cotton Case
Pre-Shrunk Heavy Organic Cotton Case around a 3" soft latex topper
Our certified organic cotton cases offer two levels of protection. The first, our organic cotton muslin, only offers basic latex topper protection from being torn by the elastic on sheets or picking up dirt should it be rested on the ground. Organic muslin is preshrunk and machine washable. Our second option, the heavy organic cotton double knit, is 2 layers of soft organic cotton knitted together. This heavy organic cotton fabric offers latex toppers better protection and reduces the speed the natural latex toppers will biodegrade. This fabric is not preshrunk and will shrink if washed. It can be preshrunk for an additional $45 to make it machine washable; just reply to your order confirmation email that you would like us to do this, and we will preshrink the cover. Since natural latex toppers can last up to 25 years when encased properly, it's important to protect latex toppers from biodegrading as much as possible.

Convoluted Natural Sense 100% Natural Latex Toppers
Our approximately 2" thick egg crate style toppers are heaven. A 100% natural wonder for on top of your bed. These Natural Sense latex toppers feel comfy soft. Be sure to properly encase these pads.
Convoluted Natural Sense 100% Natural Latex Toppers
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