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Latex Mattresses are the future of bedding. A certified 100% natural latex mattress has all the benefits of a memory foam mattress (comfort, helping treat sleep apnea, and reducing back pain) but without any of the questionable chemicals or the sense of getting stuck in your mattress.

Utilizing natural tree sap, our latex mattresses are more natural and sustainable than spring and memory foam beds. Due to their high density, our latex mattresses should last up to 25 years without forming indentations or soft spots. One down side of utilizing a natural product is that it biodegrades. We encase our latex mattresses in heavy fabric or quilted mattress cases to prevent them from prematurely expiring.

Now, due to case studies that link the off-gassing of polyurethane foam mattresses to health risks, latex is becoming popular once again. In a growing eco-conscious society, our Natural Sense 100% natural latex mattress is a healthy and sustainable alternative.

Natural Latex Mattress Layer
Natural Latex Mattress Layer
Layers in our Eco Latex Mattress

Our latex mattresses are constructed using layers of different firmness certified natural latex. These layers may be exchanged for 90 days until you find the right comfort. We can make a custom size latex mattress. You can even purchase these natural latex foam layers separately for any other project you may have around the house and we can cut them to size for you.

Latex Mattress shopping
Some companies try to prey on consumers by “green-washing,” or providing misleading facts to make their products seem more eco-friendly than they actually are. Here are some tips when shopping for your latex mattress. When people advertise latex as 100% natural, there are some things to watch out for. Make sure the latex contains at least 97% natural tree rubber. Some latex is created with synthetic petroleum-based latex in the mix, so despite the fact it is 45% synthetic latex and 55% natural latex, current laws allow it to be advertise as 100% natural. Stay away from most green tea or soy blended foams. These typically will have no more than between 5% and 35% natural components. Watch for organic cotton cases that only use a small percentage of natural fiber in the material covering your natural latex mattress.

Another thing to remember when it comes to latex mattresses is that there are stringent fire codes and regulations. All latex mattresses will contain some kind of flame barrier to pass fire code and some will use toxic additives. To avoid this we utilize, only, organic wool in our latex mattresses (which has natural flame retardant properties).

Organic Wool covering for Latex MattressOrganic Wool has natural flame retardant properties
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Another thing to pay attention to is the warranty of the latex mattress. Most companies will allow depressions to form and prorate their warranties; you want to avoid this. Try to find a company that allows returns or some kind of “Comfort Guarantee.” Fortunately, due to demand from quality-conscious consumers, companies that provide all these benefits due exist. Once you find a promising mattress, be sure to drag all of this information out of the sales representative, since most companies won’t boast of their lack of services. Good luck and good shopping!

Latex Mattress:

Latex Mattress Visit our sister store, FOAM ORDER, for a vegan natural latex mattress. No wool is used. vegan latex mattress

Cut-to-size foam rubber

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Latex Mattress History
The popularity of latex mattresses peaked in the early 1960’s, when foam rubber was found to be the natural and cost effective way to build a mattress. After Japan captured rubber plantations in the mid 60’s, America was cut off from its only source of latex rubber. This created a great incentive to find a synthetic foam that America could produce within its own country. Shortly after the alternative was found, petrol based foams were becoming popular due to dramatic price drops.

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